One Cup

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Todd Nelson and his family set out to visit a small-scale coffee plantation on the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. After a bumpy five-hour drive down a dirt road through the Rwandan mountains, the family was able to familiarize themselves with the harvesting process of gourmet beans, including picking, sorting and washing. Following a hard day’s work, the plantation staff ended with an in-depth tasting session to drive home the subtleties and intricacies of coffee beans.

This is some of the world’s best coffee. Personally selected by the Nelson family, Kalahari will import this coffee directly into the United States to brew and serve on-property at its resorts. It’s just one of the things Kalahari Resorts does to bring Africa to guests.

One Wild Bunch
Trekking up the stunning volcanic hillsides of Rwanda, Todd Nelson and his family journeyed through the forest in search of the elusive and powerful silverback mountain gorillas. After a five-hour climb in the pouring rain, they came face to face (literally!) with a family of wild mountain gorillas. The Nelsons witnessed just how gentle and playful these giant creatures can be while simultaneously commanding the utmost respect.

Observing the family of gorillas reminded the Nelsons that the bond of family transcends not only among cultures, but species as well. As a family-owned company, Kalahari believes family time spent together is important, and in today’s world, it’s often endangered. Kalahari is on a mission to save family time by providing a unique, all-under-one-roof escape for families of all ages to create lasting memories.

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