The African Connection

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions isn’t your typical resort. Its authentically African theme is designed to bring families together, and that isn’t just a marketing ploy. The African spirit of Ubuntu or “togetherness”— the philosophy that encompasses a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity — is reflected in every aspect of Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, from the handcrafted artwork on the convention center walls to furniture placed in guest rooms, recorded music from the streets of Cape Town echoing in the resorts and original crafts available for guest souvenirs. It’s all part of Kalahari’s commitment to bring guests a beyond-expectations experience.

In October 2014, the Nelson family completed a 23-day trip to Africa to reconnect with the land that inspired their vision, strengthen the ties with various communities throughout the continent, and source items for the Pocono Mountains property. Todd Nelson said, “The majesty of Africa and the continent’s culture is our inspiration for the resort and a key driver in every decision we make. My family has long been inspired by the spirit and culture of Africa, ever since our first visit to the continent more than 20 years ago.”

And in October 2016, the Nelsons returned to the great continent, this time for 31 days. With all of the expansion on the horizon, the family wanted to reground themselves in their reason for being. The trip brought extraordinary family bonding through mental and physical tests: the Nelsons climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, saw the Big Five up close on a rugged safari, witnessed the Mara River crossing among lurking crocodiles, paraglided, sand-surfed and shark-cage-dove in Cape Town, and explored Zanzibar and Zimbabwe’s flavorful offerings.